Panels & Workshops

Christine Ye (1).jpg

Christine Ye

Research Skills Workshop

As a keen person on research and science since high school, Christine Ye will hold a panel prior to the given research period to share her experiences and provide important tips on researching.

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Grant Churchill


As the director of Graduate Studies and a tutor in Medicine at New College at the University of Oxford, Grant Churchill investigates the behavior of small molecules inside cells as messengers to control physiology. Having developed chemical tools and methods related to calcium signaling in the past, he will give a panel regarding his studies.

camillo moschner.jpeg

Camillo Moschner


Having obtained his bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Sciences from University College London, Moschner is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Cambridge. While also being a Ph.D. intern at Illumina, a reputable biotechnology company, his research focuses on synthetic biology and microfabrication. In addition to assessing biology papers, Moschner will give a panel on Biomedical Sciences.


Osman Akar


In addition to evaluating the papers in the field of mathematics, Osman Akar will share his experiences as a Mathematics student at UCLA with us as well as introduce the concept of applied mathematics. 

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Jack Gaskell


Jack Gaskell, who has completed a masters at Cambridge and is sponsored by Rolls Royce, specializes in aerodynamics and systems modeling as an engineering PhD student at Oxford. While also having experience in financial technology at a tier-one investment bank, he will give a panel on jet engines.


Tolga Can

Computer Science

Tolga Can received his BS degree in computer engineering from Middle East Technical University, Turkey, and his PhD degree in computer science from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is currently a professor in the Computer Engineering Department, Middle East Technical University, Turkey. His main research interests include bioinformatics and scientific visualization. He has worked on protein structure visualization and alignment and on construction and analysis of large-scale protein-protein interaction networks.