International Publication

The winning papers of each subject will be published in the International Journal of High School Research (IJHSR). The authors of the winning papers in UAA ARC will have the opportunity to publish their work on the distinguished platform of high school student affiliated academic research publications. The fee of 200$ will also be provided by the UAA ARC for the winning authors. Some additional opportunities will also be provided for the authors of the other qualified papers.

Biology Award

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Three of the authors of winning papers will be given the opportunity to tame a 16-hour internship course from GenZ Biotechnology. An opportunity to dive deeper into the fields of biotechnology, in vitro diagnostics, and PCR testing. 

Mathematics Award

The winning authors of the mathematics category will be granted free from charge once in a lifetime experience in Nesin Matematik Köyü. Students will be able to pursue their mathematical interests in numerous reputable summers courses located in Nesin Matematik Köyü, Sirince, Izmir.

Chemistry Award

As the leading company in its sector in Turkey, Arkem Chemicals offers the winners of the chemistry category the chance to join its professional team for a day in Belgrad Forest. This event will provide students with a convenient environment to socialize with the Arkem Kimya team. The event includes workshops, motivational speeches and personal development speeches and a lunch organization where students can communicate easily with the managers and employees of Arkem. Even internship opportunities along with presentations of projects may be granted with the event for the winners.

Computer Science Award

The winning authors of the computer science category will be granted with a free from charge opportunity in the Ozyegin University Summer School. An extensive package of courses ranging from machine learning to wireless communication systems in Ozyegin's Engineering Package will be awarded.


Five winning authors of the best papers in the biology category will be granted interactive applied microbiology courses by the experienced team of Nanomik, having the benefit of developing their knowledge on microbiology without any fee. The course comprises topics ranging from microfungi to molecular identification methods and involves several case studies to help the attendants engage with the subject.

Biology 2nd Award