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Competition Details

  • Participants must be high school students by September 2022.

  • Every participant must fill the application form on the website completely and precisely.

  • Participants will conduct research and develop hypotheses, programs, or algorithms. They will create a research paper elaborating on their findings and methods in a clear and concise way.

    • If the participants choose to carry out their own experiments, they must use their own data to elaborate on their hypothesis. However, they can make use of secondary data collection to further strengthen their argument. 

    • If the participants choose to write a review paper, that is elaborating on their hypothesis using published data only, they should create a discussion based on reliable data. Citations are critical for review papers. 

    • If participants choose to create or use an algorithm in their paper, they should clearly elaborate on their method and findings while referring to the systems they have used in detail.

  • The research papers must fall into one or more of the categories: Maths, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, and Psychology. Interdisciplinary work can be submitted where a paper includes more than one subject from above. However, participants must acknowledge that their paper will only be evaluated under a single subject which they will specify in the application and submission forms.

  • The papers should be written by one or more high school students. Co-authorship can be demonstrated in groups of no more than 3 people. In group work, forms and papers should be submitted by one member only on behalf of the group. Co-authorship will be disqualified if any of the members is not a high school student.

  • All papers must be submitted in PDF form.

  • The submission sheet must be uploaded to the form along with the research paper, or your paper will be regarded as disqualified. 

  • All groups will be given a group number/code which should be specified in the submission sheet and the research paper cover page.

  •  All the panels and workshops will be mandatory for the participants of the competition.

Paper Requirements

  • Papers must be submitted in English.

  • Papers should not exceed 12 pages, not including the references section.

  • The font used should be Times New Roman, with a point size of 12.

  • The paper must have margins of 2.5 cm all around.

  • The paper must have a maximum 200 words abstract with a brief summary of the paper.

  • The paper must have the page numbers on the footers section.

  • The citations must be in ACS format and in the order they have been mentioned in your paper.

You can find a template attached below. All the submissions must follow the given template, or they will be disqualified for evaluation.

UAA ARC Research Paper Submission Template

After completing your research paper in accordance with the template, you can use the checklist below to make sure you have all the required sections.

UAA ARC Paper Checklist

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