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About Us

As if today, we all live alongside uncertainties and are in a seek of sanity more than ever. To overcome the unending cycle of ambiguity we need activities we are interested in while also benefiting from them. This is the starting point of UAA ARC. We believe that every individual who has even the slightest interest in a specific subject or topic has to be offered the chance to experience a research report writing process. With ARC, participants will demonstrate and experience how to search for a specific topic, express their findings, and elaborate on their hypothesis using those. We hope to provide invaluable early experience for high school students through this competition.

Feedback from UAA ARC'22

Boran Duman (UAA ARC'22 Chemistry Winner)

It was a great pleasure and an experience for me to practice my future job in Arkem Kimya Company thanks to UAA ARC. If I wasn't stumbled upon the competition, I wouldn't be able to do an internship during my high school years. I've got the chance to have a wide perspective of company management and chemical engineering in practice. It was a highly beneficial and entertaining experience.

Deniz Cenikli (UAA ARC'22 Participant)

My experience with chemistry and biology was remarkable. My research paper was about mRNA and conventional vaccines, and before preparing the paper I had made thorough research on these which helped me dive into the discussion in the biology panel. Also in the chemistry panel, when Mr. Churchill asked us about the amino acid structure, the Selenium element, and the element that was one period above it, it was a great pleasure to be able to understand, recognize, and revise what I have learned during my chemistry and biology classes! 

Emre Demirci (UAA ARC'22 Participant)

UAA ARC was an impeccable experience for me personally. The opportunity to listen to people who love their field and devote their years just to make sure science can take one more step forward was quite inspiring. The panelists are, at least for me, where I want to see myself in 10 years and it brings me joy to hear their experiences. Not only did they share invaluable knowledge, they also gave insight on how difficult it is to climb the steps of one’s career. This kind of experience is the most valuable for me since it acts as advice on what path I should pursue further into my life.


Application Deadline

January 20, 2023

Participants who would like to submit their original research papers and join the ARC Research Competition must fill out the application form by January 20, 2023.

Research Skills Workshop

December 22, 2022

Elif Demir from the University of Oxford will host a panel on how to carry out research and write a research paper.

Submission Deadline

February 26, 2023

All participants should submit their research papers or review articles by February 26, 2023. Any late submissions will not be accepted.

Final Event Day

6-7 May, 2023

Our guests will give panels in different areas, and fun activities will be organized by our Organization Team. At the end, the winning papers will be announced and extra awards will be rewarded to the attendants of the panels.

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